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empathic_silver's Journal

Silverblade k'Leshya
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Name:: Silverblade k'Leshya.
Series:: The Mage Wars trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.
Game:: multiversehaven.
Application:: Right here.
Scene List:: Right here.
Player:: aroihkin.
Status:: Active.
Same Player::
Priss Asagiri: burning_highway.
Astronema: astronema.
Ramirez: silver_admiral.
Skandranon: vainbird.
Amberdrake: empathic_healer
Kunoichi: theplayoftheday.

Physical Description:

There might have been more pillows than just the one flying, if Silverblade herself, Tadrith’s partner, hadn’t chosen that moment to walk in their open door.

She stood in the doorway, posing unconsciously, with the sun making a dark silhouette of her against the brilliant sky. Tadrith knew it was not a conscious pose; it was totally out of her nature to do anything to draw attention to herself unless it was necessary. Blade was the name the gryphons knew her by, though her childhood name hadn’t been the use-name she wore now; it had been “Windsong,” so dubbed by her fond parents in the hopes, no doubt, that she would grow up to resemble one or the other of them. “Windsong” was a perfectly good name for a trondi’irn or even a kestra’chern or a Kalad’a’in Healer or mage. But “Windsong” hadn’t had the inclination for any of those things.

The young woman who broke her pose and strode into the aerie with the soundless tread of a hunter was small by Kalad’a’in standards, although there was no mistaking her lineage. Her short black hair, cut in a way that suggested an aggressive bird of prey, framed a face that could only have graced the head of one of the Clan k’Leshya, and her beak of a nose continued the impression of a hunting hawk. Her golden skin proclaimed the lineage further, as did her brilliantly blue eyes. There was nothing of her mother about her—and very little of her father.

She fit in very well with those members of Clan k’Leshya descended from warrior stock, however. Despite her small size, she was definitely molded in their image. There was nothing to suggest softness or yielding; she was hard, lithe, and every bit a warrior, all muscle and whipcord.

--- The Silver Gryphon, pages 27-28.